Table 3-8B. Criteria for Evaluation of Performance for University Service

CAE Guidelines

Criteria for Evaluation of Performance

Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty


University Citizenship


Note: Reviewers will evaluate based upon the documented degree of excellence achieved within any given category. The candidate is expected to provide a clear explanation of the nature and importance of accomplishments, initiatives taken, leadership roles, etc. Reviewers will be looking for specifics.


University Citizenship is not required of faculty for promotion, however, when it exists, the items in the list below and similar items at the discretion of the committee will be considered and will aid the promotion effort. Accomplishments in this area can help improve the rating in Teaching and/or Professional Development at the discretion of the college's review committee.


The criteria listed below are not all inclusive and the committee may consider items submitted by the faculty member that are not listed, but are considered relevant.


Viewed as exemplary performance:

  • Committee membership citations, accompanied by documentation of candidate's contributions, accomplishments, leadership roles, etc.
  • Service awards (outside field of discipline)
  • Leadership in planning/organizing campus recruiting event, with clear documentation of candidate's role and impact of the event
  • Leadership role and extraordinary participation in successful internship and/or co-op and/or practicum programs for a campus or discipline. Documentation of candidate's activity and impact of the program required.
  • Organization of a professional conference at a regional or state level; serving as a section chair or higher at a national or international conference
  • Participation in community development activities and grants integrated with one’s discipline
  • Organization of consortia to articulate with and perpetuate one’s program or discipline
  • Service to the American Association of University Professors
  • Service on Provost Level advisory committees such as the NPAC and/or as a Provost Fellow


Viewed favorably:

  • Presentations for service or professional organizations outside of area of expertise
  • Active and regular participation in successful internship and/or co-op and/or practicum programs. Projects integrating and engaging students with businesses/industry/government.
  • Advising student organization inside or outside of one's discipline
  • Participation in campus linkage with Advisory Board (document degree of participation, accomplishments, etc.)
  • Participation in campus/program recruiting event
  • Participation in campus/program marketing initiative, e.g., creation/design of marketing materials
  • Participation in the integration of community with program activities.


Viewed unfavorably and/or not considered:

  • Poorly documented citations in any University Citizenship activities; citations without evidence of candidate's contributions, accomplishments, leadership roles