Workload Equivalents

  1. The expectations and specification for workload equivalents of classroom instructional assignments are described below, and within the table in Appendix D.  
  2. Workload will be assigned to a faculty member for classroom instruction, and, as approved by the Dean, may be assigned for other duties, such as: 

    ⦁    curriculum development
    ⦁    lab management
    ⦁    extensive advising
    ⦁    participating in grant preparation and grant submission
    ⦁    preparing a new course for the first time
    ⦁    preparing a new course for distance learning for the first time 
    ⦁    advising student organizations
    ⦁    administrative assignment
    ⦁    accreditation tasks assigned by a coordinator/director
  3. The full-time faculty members of each Academic Program Area may recommend workload equivalents to the applicable Academic Program Area Coordinator/Director. The Dean, in consultation with Academic Program Area Coordinators/Directors and the CAC, must approve and assign all workload equivalents.