College Curriculum Committee (CCC)

a.    Membership: 
     i.    The voting membership will be comprised of three tenured or tenuretrack (TT) and one non-tenure track (FTNTT) faculty member from the Applied Business division; three TT and one FTNTT from the Health Professions division; and two TT and one FTNTT from the Engineering Technology and Professional Studies division. The TT faculty shall constitute the of the membership of the CCC. Although priority will be given to TT faculty, FTNTT faculty are eligible for membership on the CCC in the event that TT faculty are not available.
     ii.   The RC Dean (or the RC Dean’s designate) will be the chair and exofficio, non-voting member.  
     iii.   A convener will be elected (annually) among the T/TT members of the CAC at the first meeting of the academic year to; he or she would preside over meetings in the absence of the dean; consult with the dean in preparation and distribution of agenda; develop and distribute minutes to RC faculty in a timely fashion as mandated by the CBA; and ensure proper curricular processes are followed.

b.    Responsibilities:
     i.    The CCC will establish and the RC Dean will distribute to the Members all guidelines and deadlines for curricular proposals immediately after the first Fall meeting.
     ii.   All curriculum proposals shall originate within respective program areas and shall be distributed to all faculty who teach within the program.  All Regional College program areas impacted by the proposed curricular changes shall be consulted prior to submission of the proposal to the CCC.  Consultation is the responsibility of the program     area     lead     faculty/coordinators/program     directors.  Documentation of such consultation shall be in writing and included with the curricular proposal submitted to the CCC and EPC.  Curriculum proposals shall have the majority approval of the program area faculty prior to submission to the CCC.    
     iii.   The CCC will make recommendations to the RC Dean for changes in academic programs proposed by program areas within the Regional College. The RC Dean shall forward all approved curricular proposals to the appropriate hierarchical higher level.

c.    Meetings:
     i.   The committee will meet as scheduled during the academic year.
     ii.   A quorum is a simple majority of voting members.
     iii.  Passage of a motion requires an affirmative vote of the simple majority of the members present, provided there is a quorum. Motions may also be voted on electronically, but passage will require approval of a majority of all members of the CCC.
     iv.   The secretary will be responsible for recording minutes and distributing approved minutes of each meeting to the Members.