Other Academic Unit Guidelines

  1. Regional College Curriculum Committee Guidelines

    The RCCC process for receiving, reviewing and approving curriculum proposals.

    For the submission of curriculum proposals to the Regional College Curriculum Committee, please make sure that:

    • Forms are complete;
    • Documentation of Campus Faculty Council consultation when establishing new programs or inactivating programs;
    • CCP Signed by the Program Coordinator, Program Director, Lead Faculty, etc.;
    • CCP Signed by the Campus Dean (if the proposal is for a program on multiple campuses, we will need the signature from the Dean for the campus that administers the program);
    • Documentation if there is possible encroachment;
    • Documentation assuring Associate degree changes will not impede and do not interfere with students continuing on to an appropriate Bachelor’s degree;
    • Once the Regional College receives the signed proposal, it is forwarded to Curriculum Services for review of completeness;
    • After Curriculum Services reviews them for completeness, proposals will be placed on the Regional College Curriculum Committee agenda;
    • Any proposals the RC CC reviews and approves, will be signed by the Regional College, or designee and;
    • Forwarded to Curriculum Services, which may request additional information before putting the item on the EPC agenda. Only proposals with all required signatures will be placed on the EPC agenda.

    Reminder, from Curriculum Services:

    A proposal that has course revisions, inactivation or establishments also need to have workflows submitted.  A workflow is for any type of change to a course (new course, prerequisite changes, course titles changes, etc.). However, if that change affects a program somehow, such as a new course will be part of an elective list, a CCP/program proposal and catalog copy will have to be submitted to reflect how that course is in the program.

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