Program Areas Curriculum Committee (PACC) may be established by respective program areas

a. Membership:
     i.   These committees shall be comprised of full time faculty in their respective program areas. Lead Program faculty, where applicable, shall be elected from the specific PACC at the spring semester meeting for the upcoming year (Fall, Spring and Summer semesters). 

b. Responsibilities:
The program area curriculum committee will establish, review, and revise all curriculum proposals among related programs areas within the respective division and other curricula within the University.
     ii.   The program curriculum committee shall approve all matters related to program articulation internal and external to the University. 
     iii.   The program area curriculum committee will develop internal and external review mechanisms to ensure quality of instruction and appropriateness of curricula.
     iv.   The program area curriculum committee will provide guidance for system-wide marketing and workforce development efforts for the Regional College programs.

c. Meetings:
The program area curriculum committee will schedule meetings as  necessary.
     ii.   A quorum is a simple majority of voting members.
     iii.   Passage of a motion recommending any curriculum revision requires an affirmative vote of the majority of members present, provided there is a quorum. Motions may be voted on electronically as determined by each respective Program Area.
     iv.   Minutes will be recorded at all Program Area Committee meetings.