Renewal of Appointment and Promotion Reviews of Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (FTNTT)

Non-tenure track faculty (FTNTT) personnel reviews are governed by their CBA and by guidelines put forth each academic year by Office of the Provost.

Note: The Regional College expects Non-tenure track faculty (FTNTT) teaching evaluation criteria to be the same as those for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty.  (See Section III of this document for Regional College Evaluation Guidelines Teaching Evaluations.) FTNTT simplified review only require students’ evaluations, vitae and a narrative per the FTNTT CBA.

1. Guidelines for the submission of materials for promotion review and for the timely conduct of the promotion review process will be issued annually by the Office of Faculty Affairs. (See also, Addendum C, Guidelines and Procedures for Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty Promotion.)

2.FTNTT Faculty members who have completed five (5) consecutive years of employment as a FTNTT Faculty member and one (1) successful Full Performance Review may apply for promotion to the rank of Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor, as applicable, at the time of their second Full Performance Review or with any scheduled performance review thereafter.  A FTNNT faculty may after five (5) full years as an Associate Professor or Associate Lecturer could stand for the second promotion to Full Professor or Senior Lecturer in her/his 6th year or any year thereafter. 

3.Evidence of significant accomplishments in both Performance and Professional and Creative Activity is required for promotion.  Accomplishments and/or contributions in the area of University Citizenship and Research are normally neither required nor expected, except as they may relate to the assigned track and workload of the candidate.  Efforts in these areas will, however, contribute to the candidate’s overall record of accomplishments for the purpose of promotion.

4. Materials required for promotion should include the following:

  • A promotion narrative.
  • A current Curriculum Vitae.
  • The official summary of Student Surveys of Instruction for the past 3 years.
  • Peer reviews conducted by senior faculty members in the FTNTT faculty member’s discipline or a related area.  Two per academic years for the past 3 academic years is suggested for Promotion to Associate Professor/Associate Lecture, and one per academic year for the past 3 years is suggested for Promotion to Professor/Senior Lecture.
  • Workload Statement for at least the past 3 academic years. A written evaluation of the FTNTT Faculty member’s performance including a recommendation on promotion from the Regional Campus Dean.

Suggested additional materials that may be included but not limited to:

  • Demonstration of excellent teaching
  • Demonstration of staying current in their field
  • Participation in conferences or workshops in their discipline
  • Participation in conferences or workshops related to the scholarship of teaching
  • Participation in University governance
  • Curriculum development
  • Program development
  • Contributions to recruiting and retention of students

Refer to Suggested Evaluation Criteria, Joint Study Committee Recommendations from the Guidelines and Procedures for FTNTT Promotions issued yearly for more suggested Supplemental Materials.