University Citizenship and Service

Probationary faculty members are expected to participate in service at the campus level in the early years of reappointment. As faculty approach tenure, it is expected that they will engage in college and/or university service.

Faculty members standing for promotion are expected to play a significant role in campus, college, and/or university service.  

Examples of evidence in the area of citizenship and service include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Committee membership, accompanied by documentation of candidate's contributions, accomplishments, leadership roles
  • Publication of non-refereed magazine articles, major newspaper articles, web sites, etc. within the discipline
  • Presentations for service or professional organizations outside of area of expertise
  • Technical presentations at other departments or institutions
  • Active and regular participation in successful internship and/or co-op and/or practicum programs. Projects integrating and engaging students with businesses/industry/government.
  • Advising student organization 
  • Participation in campus linkage with Advisory Board (document degree of participation, accomplishments, etc.)
  • Participation in recruiting events
  • Participation in marketing initiatives
  • Participation in the integration of community with program activities  Service awards
  • Organization of a professional conference or serving as a section chair or higher 
  • Participation in community development activities and grants Organization of consortia to articulate with and perpetuate one’s program or discipline
  • Serving on a thesis, honors, or dissertation committee

Full professor criteria:  A candidate for promotion to professor must meet certain criteria in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and citizenship. In addition to being a “Teacher Leader” as outlined in Section A, 1, the candidate must demonstrate a record of a significant body of scholarship, as outlined in Section A, 2, that has progressed since the last promotion. Expectations in citizenship must reflect leadership in campus, college, university, professional and/or community organizations that contribute to the mission and goals of the university and/or candidate’s profession.

The revised RTP Criteria for tenure will be effective for all new tenure track faculty hired after the date of approval of the Handbook.