General advising at the undergraduate level is provided through the Office of Academic Advising Services (OAAS).  Student advising is undertaken by the Advisors assigned by OAAS for each program within the College.

Faculty members are expected to counsel undergraduate and graduate students on the nature of the academic programs within the College.  Faculty members should be prepared to provide guidance and insight on coursework, the value of academic and professional preparation, and the overall structure and organization of their specific undergraduate or graduate programs.

The primary responsibility of the graduate faculty is to ensure that the requirements of the specific graduate degree program are met.  Graduate faculty members may be asked by a graduate student to direct his/her Master’s thesis or capstone project. The Graduate faculty member then notifies the Graduate Coordinator of his/her agreement to serve who in turn notifies the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s).  The Advisor, in conjunction with the thesis or capstone committee and studio faculty member, supervises the student in the direction and completion of the research, written thesis or capstone project.