The College Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC is structured and operates as described in the CBA.  The CAC is elected by the Faculty of the College.

CAC terms are for one (1) year.  Elections are conducted at the end of the Spring Semester and the CAC members shall serve beginning with the Fall Semester through the following summer. The CAC shall include five (5) Faculty members. With four (4) or more NTT Faculty in the College, the CAC shall have an additional one (1) voting NTT representative. The NTT representative will be elected by a vote of Faculty and NTT faculty.

The CAC is convened and chaired at least twice per semester by the Dean who, in consultation with the CAC, sets the agenda for its meetings.  CAC members may request that items be added to the agenda.  Additional meetings of the CAC may be called by the Dean, as needed, or upon a request by at least one-half of the members of the CAC.