Design Studio Coordinator

Each year, the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s) shall appoint a Faculty member who will be in charge of the overall performance of the design studio for each of the year levels. Normally, the term for a Design Studio Coordinator is for one (1) year, but the appointment may be extended at the discretion of the Associate Dean, with the approval of the Dean.  At the discretion of the Dean, a Design Studio Coordinator may receive a one (1) credit hour workload equivalent per semester for the duration of the assignment.

  1. The Design Studio Coordinator’s duties include the following
    1. Convenes regular meetings with teaching assistants prior to each class session and with Faculty, as required, to maintain consistency within the studio.
    2. Oversees the preparation of the Studio course syllabus in accordance with accreditation teaching criteria and guidelines.
    3. Is responsible for planning reviews and speakers, and selecting readings and texts, or related duties.
    4. Monitors teaching performance within the Studios.
    5. Is responsible for collection, documentation and storage of projects for accreditation purposes.
    6. Aids the Associate Dean on outcome assessments for AQIP.
    7. Works with other course instructors and year level Design Studio Coordinators to coordinate exams and project due dates prior to the beginning of each semester.
    8. Other duties as assigned by the Dean and Associate/Assistant Dean(s).