Faculty Responsibilities and Academic Freedom

Each Faculty member is expected to engage in teaching, creative activity and/or research, and service, by observing the guidelines set forth in this section.  The relative weight for each responsibility shall be recognized in writing at the time of hire or as modified by the Dean in consultation with the Faculty member in writing at a later date.

The following language is included here for convenience of the Faculty, but shall not supersede any language contained in the CBA or the University policy regarding the faculty code of professional ethics:

The Faculty of the College subscribe to the principle of the 1940 "Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure" adopted by the American Association of University Professors.  Within the rationale in the AAUP statement, it is emphasized that academic freedom is necessary to the mission of the faculty of a university, since it is eminently in the interest of society that, without fear of retribution, the professor should be free to conduct research and make public its results and to teach his/her subject in the classroom.  Professional responsibility is a logical correlative of this freedom.