Graduate Coordinator(s)

Graduate Coordinator(s) report to the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s).   The Associate/Assistant Dean, in consultation with the CAC and the Graduate Committee and the approval of the Dean, shall appoint a tenured, graduate Faculty member as coordinator of graduate programs.  In order to assure continuity, the coordinator is appointed for a minimum of two (2) years.  At the discretion of the Dean, the Faculty member who is appointed as Graduate Coordinator may be assigned a workload equivalent which is less than 50% of the Faculty member’s workload per semester for the duration of the assignment.  The Graduate Coordinator chairs the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) and has responsibility for the following functions:

  1. Provides leadership for existing and new graduate programs. 
  2. Is responsible for promotion, recruitment and admissions to the graduate programs.
  3. Assists the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s) with course scheduling and curriculum development.
  4. Coordinates with the Director of the CUDC in maintaining the CUDC’s academic coursework.
  5. Assigns graduate assistant positions in coordination with the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s), Program Coordinators and in consultation with Faculty.
  6. Is responsible for academic and professional advising for graduate students.
  7. Is a member of the CEC.
  8. Is a member of the International Studies Committee.
  9. Represents the College on the Graduate Studies Academic Council (GSAC). 
  10. Implements College/program assessment and review procedures (AQIP) in consultation with Associate Dean.
  11. Assists the Associate Dean in accreditation
  12. Develops University reports related to the graduate programs.
  13. Other duties assigned by the Dean or Associate/Assistant Dean(s).