Graduate Faculty Status

The College requires that all Faculty members be eligible for appointment to the graduate faculty as associate or full members at the time of appointment in the College.  The Administrative policy regarding graduate faculty is included in the University Policy Register (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-15.1).  Appointment to the graduate faculty of the College is granted by the College of Research and Graduate Programs after review and recommendation by the Associate Dean and Dean of the College with the review of the GSC and the CAC.

  1. Definition

    Graduate faculty status shall be assigned to those Faculty members with appropriate educational and professional backgrounds who have produced scholarship of sufficient quality to merit professional and/or academic recognition and are effective in providing the appropriate education of graduate students or have the potential to provide such education.

  2. Criteria

    Candidates for membership on the graduate faculty should possess a PhD or terminal professional degree.  If the terminal degree is a professional master’s degree, candidates should possess professional registration or certification.

  3. Responsibilities

    Graduate faculty members are expected to participate in and/or support graduate activities, functions, coursework, individual investigations, and capstone/thesis student committees.  Each Faculty member is expected to contribute to the graduate studies of the College and the University according to the terms and condition of his/her Letter of Appointment, and his/her academic credentials.  Some Faculty members make their primary contribution in teaching while others emphasize research and/or creative activity.  High quality teaching and scholarly activity are expected of all graduate faculty members.  Service to the program, College, and the University is also expected of each Faculty member.

  4. Temporary Graduate Faculty Member

    This status shall be assigned to a Faculty member whose participation in the graduate program is desired for a limited period of time or for a limited objective.  This status is assigned to secure appropriate instruction for a graduate course for a semester or appropriate service on a graduate thesis or capstone committee.  Temporary graduate faculty status may be given to part-time and NTT faculty.  Upon completion of the temporary assignment, temporary graduate faculty status is withdrawn.