The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

The GSC shall consist of at least five (5) voting graduate faculty members plus one (1) non-voting graduate student representative.  Members are appointed by the Dean in the Fall semester for two-year, staggered terms which commence at the beginning of the subsequent Fall semester.  A Faculty member from each graduate degree program should be appointed to the committee.  The committee will also include the International Studies Coordinator, the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s) and the Director of the CUDC.

  1. GSC Responsibilities

    1. Advises the Graduate Coordinator on matters relating to the administration of the College’s graduate programs.
    2. Reviews and recommends candidates for graduate study and makes recommendations to the Graduate Coordinator. 
    3. Reviews and recommends candidates for tuition waivers and assistantships.
    4. Develops and reviews new proposals for the graduate curricula and programs and works with the CCC to implement the new or revised curricula.
    5. Reviews credentials of Faculty members for appointment to graduate faculty status.
    6. Assists the Graduate Coordinator in writing and updating the Graduate Student Handbook.