Handbook Modification, Amendment and Revision

The implementation, modification, amendment and revision of this Handbook are governed by the applicable CBA.  The Dean and the College Faculty will review and update this Handbook, as needed, but this review shall take place at least every three (3) years.

Suggestions for modifications or amendments to the Handbook may be initiated at any time by the Dean or by any Faculty member.  Revisions may be initiated by an ad hoc Handbook Committee appointed by the Dean. The Handbook shall be developed by the CAC and the Dean and shall be subject to final approval by the Provost.  

When a proposed modification or amendment involves a substantial change in College policy or practice the Dean shall engage in a discussion with a quorum of the Faculty in the College.  

All modifications, amendments and revisions of the Handbook require the approval of the Dean and the Provost.  In reviewing this Handbook, the Provost may request revisions before lending final approval.  If these revisions are not adopted by the College, the Provost shall consult the Provost’s Advisory Council (PAC) with regard to the provision(s) in dispute before making a final determination and certifying final approval of the Handbook.  Further, the Dean may direct that the Handbook be modified, amended or revised to reflect changes in College or University policy.