Interior Design Program Mission Statement

The Interior Design Program at the University is dedicated to the understanding, development, and improvement of the physical environment and the protection of the public.

To support this mission, the Interior Design program seeks to promote the following goals and objectives.

  1. Goals

    1. Foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and professional responsibility through a multidisciplinary approach.
    2. Promote an open dialogue of ideas, critiques and diversity of views in the educational process.
    3. Promote excellence through rigor in academics.
  2. Objectives

    1. Encourage exploration to examine and solve situations affecting individuals and environments physically, socially and psychologically.
    2. Develop an accountability of the global impact of professional practice on resources and on social and cultural systems.
    3. Promote collaboration with other disciplines locally, regionally, and globally.
    4. Support the mission of the University and the College.