International Studies Coordinator

The International Studies Coordinator reports to the Dean.  The Dean appoints an International Studies Coordinator after consultation with the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s) and the CAC.  The Coordinator is appointed for at least a two–year term.  At the discretion of the Dean, the Faculty member who is appointed as Coordinator may be assigned a workload equivalent which is less than 50% of the Faculty member’s load per semester for the duration of the assignment.  The Coordinator shall chair the International Studies Committee and have responsibility for the following functions:

  1. Oversees the admission procedures and orientation for all College study abroad programs.
  2. Develops and reports budgets for undergraduate and graduate international programs to the Dean, the CEC, and the Office of International Affairs.
  3. Works closely with the Associate/Assistant Deans and coordinators of all College programs which participate in study abroad programs.
  4. Is responsible for implementation of international curricula in collaboration with the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s).
  5. Oversees and implements course scheduling and staffing in consultation with Program Coordinators and the Office of International Affairs.
  6. Supports the development of collaborative relationships with on- and off-campus programs.
  7. Reports to the CCC on international curricula.
  8. Is a member of the CEC.
  9. Is a member of the GSC.
  10. Is responsible for overseeing the return of all student work to the Kent campus.
  11. Assigns and coordinates Faculty reviewers for the College’s international undergraduate and graduate studios.
  12. Other duties as assigned by the Dean and the Associate/Assistant Dean(s).