Performance Review Criteria

NTT faculty are reviewed by the College’s RTP Committee on the specific criteria outlined in their letter of appointment and elsewhere, including consideration of the track (Instructional, Clinical, Practitioner or Research) to which the NTT faculty member is assigned.  An inherent part of the review process is to provide feedback to the NTT faculty member based on clear and consistent performance criteria.  Rubrics for the assessment of teaching performance, recruitment and/or retention, research, etc. will be developed and shared with the candidate, and used to evaluate performance.  Student assessment of teaching and mentoring may also be used to assess performance, as necessary.  NTT faculty members are also to be evaluated by at least two (2) Faculty members in the College appointed by the Dean.  Written reports are submitted to the Dean for inclusion in the candidate’s dossier.

The College’s RTP Committee will discuss each full-time NTT faculty member who is being reviewed.  The NTT faculty member’s dossier will serve to document the faculty member’s performance.  Performance reviews should ensue with a holistic approach which reflects the highest standard of personal and professional integrity and ethics. Any evaluation of an NTT faculty member shall include consideration of the faculty member’s personal integrity and professional behavior as recognized by the University community.  A sound ethical approach is expected of all NTT faculty members who seek renewal of appointment in the College.

The College’s RTP Committee will forward its recommendation on renewal of appointment to the College Dean who will make an independent assessment of the candidate’s performance.  The review process should be as transparent as possible with the candidate receiving information from the Dean as to the committee deliberations and the recommendation made to the Dean.  Nonrenewal of an appointment which results from programmatic or fiscal needs should be distinguished from nonrenewal of appointment which results from performance issues when communicated to the candidate.  NTT faculty members whose appointments will not be renewed must be notified by the timelines established in the applicable CBA whether lack of satisfaction with performance or the absence of anticipated continuing programmatic need or budgeted resources to support the position is the reason.