Research Coordinator

The research Coordinator reports to the Dean. The Dean may appoint a Research Coordinator from the graduate faculty, after consultation with the CAC.  The Coordinator is appointed for at least a two-year term.  At the discretion of the Dean, the Faculty member who serves as Coordinator may be assigned a workload equivalent of up to 25% of the Faculty member’s workload per semester for the duration of the assignment.  The Research Coordinator shall chair the Research Committee (RC) and have responsibility for the following functions:

  1. Teaches in the graduate program. 
  2. Provides support for Faculty research endeavors.
  3. Facilitates access to funded and non-funded research opportunities.
  4. Suggests curricula proposals supporting the research mission of the College.
  5. Fosters student research initiatives.
  6. Reviews and recommends research facilities and technologies.
  7. Acts as a liaison between the College and external funding organizations and industries.
  8. Acts as a liaison between the College and University research offices.
  9. Other duties as assigned by the Dean.