Standards for the Evaluation of Scholarship

All Faculty of the College are expected to seek excellence in scholarly activity and submit such activity for peer review.  Indicators on which the assessment of the quality of scholarly activity is based are provided in Table 1.

Indicators of the quality of a Faculty member’s research and creative activity include the quality and quantity of presentations, exhibitions, installations and published work as well as the Faculty member’s success in obtaining extramural funds.  All Faculty members in the College are expected to produce and sustain a record of scholarly activity.

To achieve “excellent” in the category of scholarship at the time a Faculty member stands for tenure and promotion, the candidate should meet the expectations as outlined in Table 1.

Within this context, during each annual reappointment review, each Faculty member who seeks tenure or promotion is obligated to provide evidence supporting his/her scholarly record.  This obligation will be met by providing specific information about the significance and impact of presentations, exhibitions and installations, scholarly publications, and other scholarly activities.  In addition, the candidate shall provide evidence of the peer review of the scholarly activities including, but not limited to, exhibition reviews, design reviews, awards, or peer review board membership and policies by the scholarly press, journal, or conference.  Creative work that is published or included in books, design journals, magazines and newspapers, shall be considered significant in the tenure review process.