Student Evaluations

All courses are evaluated each semester, including summer sessions, using the approved Student Survey of Instruction (SSI).  Faculty members are provided by the College staff the packet of SSI evaluation materials two (2) weeks prior to the end of classes.  A student volunteer within each class administers the SSIs according to the printed directions on the envelope, and submits the sealed and signed envelope to the assigned staff person in the appropriate program.  Under no circumstances are Faculty members able to view or influence the evaluation process.  Violations of this policy must be reported to the Dean and the Dean shall enter a written record of the violation into the Faculty member’s personnel file.  This record shall be taken into consideration in all reappointment, tenure, promotion, and - Faculty Excellence Awards decisions.

The Dean’s Administrative Assistant arranges for the appropriate scoring of SSIs according to the approved group norms for the various programs.  SSIs are not available to individual Faculty members until after grades are submitted to the Registrar.  SSIs and the results are maintained in the Dean’s office with copies distributed to the Faculty member in a timely manner for review.