Teaching and Class Management

A primary responsibility of each Faculty member is teaching. The following items are seen as minimal expectations of anyone who teaches in the College:

  1. Keep abreast of the subject matter related to their area(s) of concentration and teaching assignments.
  2. Work with colleagues in a cooperative manner in planning, scheduling, and implementing coursework, and curricular activities.
  3. Prepare course work which is consistent with the course basic data sheet and the objectives of the respective curricula.
  4. Issue in the first day of class a written syllabus which includes location and time, description of the course, office hours, a general calendar and outline of the course, grading policy and criteria, objectives of the course, expected student learning outcomes, readings, fees, field trips and related costs, University-required language or other mandated language, and the exam schedule.  An electronic copy of the syllabus shall be transmitted to the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s).
  5. Be available to students seeking additional help outside of class within posted office hours and otherwise as needed and requested.
  6. Insure that the required student evaluation procedures are followed.
  7. Be punctual in starting and ending classes.
  8. Give reasonable notification of and provision for instructor absences.
  9. Provide reasonable make-up procedures for students’ legitimately missed exams or other graded work.
  10. Evaluate students’ work with adequate and constructive written or oral comments on papers, projects, exams, and other work appropriate to the course.    
  11. Evaluate student’s work within a reasonable time frame that allows students to benefit from the instructor's comments prior to the next assignment.
  12. Present themselves as role models for students, exemplifying integrity and citizenship in society.