Teaching Assignments and Class Schedules

Faculty members are assigned to teach specific courses by the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s) with the approval of the Dean.  The primary considerations for course assignments are subject expertise, prior teaching experience and shared responsibility among the Faculty for service and the teaching of introductory courses.

Questions regarding teaching assignments should be addressed to the Associate/Assistant Dean for Program(s).  In the case of an unresolved dispute or request for reassignment, the Faculty member may request review by the CAC which will make a recommendation to the Dean.  The Dean will have the final authority on all decisions regarding workload assignments.

Scheduling of classes is the responsibility of the Associate/Assistant Dean(s) for Program(s) with final approval by the Dean.  A primary consideration for scheduling classes is student need with regard to meeting program or major requirements within a reasonable time frame.  In addition, the duty of the College to serve nontraditional students may have an impact on the scheduling of some classes. A change in schedule meeting time and location of classes initiated by Faculty requires prior approval of the Associate/Assistant Dean.