Graduate Faculty Committee

The Graduate Faculty Committee consists of all faculty who hold full graduate faculty status. The administrative policy regarding graduate faculty is included in the University Policy Register.

Appointment and Review Procedures

Appointment and review of members to the CON graduate faculty are consistent with the University Policy, Administrative Policy Regarding Graduate Faculty. The Graduate Faculty Committee will consist of all Full Graduate Faculty status members of the CON faculty, as well as the associate dean, graduate programs, who shall serve as chair. The committee shall meet a minimum of once a semester to evaluate faculty appointment or renewal of graduate faculty status, and forward its recommendations to the dean. Decisions will be made by a majority vote of members present and voting. Decisions for recommendations for graduate faculty status shall be based on the criteria outlined in the University Policy and as listed in the descriptions of membership levels above. The graduate faculty will also make recommendations to the dean and PhD and DNP program directors regarding appointment of graduate faculty as doctoral student advisors and candidacy and dissertation committee members/chairs.

Initial Appointment

Members are assigned to the appropriate graduate faculty status at hire by the CON dean, according to criteria outlines in the University policy and department of graduate studies, after consultation with the chair of the Graduate Faculty Committee.

Review and Renewal of Appointment

  1. Overview of processes
    1. All full and associate graduate faculty members must participate in a review of credentials at least once every 5 years.
    2. The purpose of the 5-year review is to assure that graduate faculty members are actively engaged in scholarship activities appropriate for their levels.
    3. Graduate faculty members may request their graduate status be reviewed within the five-year period as an interim review for the purpose of upgrading their current appointments.
    4. The Graduate Faculty Committee will meet a minimum of once a year to review the membership roster, particularly related to new appointments, and may make recommendations to the dean.
  2. Interim Review
    1. Faculty requesting an interim review must submit a declaration of intent and supporting materials to the dean by the first Friday in March. The Graduate Faculty Committee will meet in April to review the materials and make recommendations based on the submitted materials and the criteria listed above.
  3. Five-year Review
    1. Those graduate faculty members whose 5-year appointment will be expiring are notified in January of the expiration year.
    2. Faculty members will submit a declaration of intent, curriculum vitae, and any supplemental materials as appropriate to demonstrate achievement of the criteria for appointment to the associate graduate dean by the first Friday in March.
    3. Review of materials will occur in April and will consist of assessment of the faculty members’ scholarship activity, e.g., books, articles, scholarly presentations, grant proposals, etc., and student dissertations that were completed or are in progress. Quality of student advising also will be considered.

Committee Recommendations

The Graduate Faculty Committee may recommend:

  1. Additional documentation to be provided by the faculty member. Should additional documentation be requested, the review will continue when the documentation is provided.
  2. Graduate faculty status continues at particular level.
  3. Change in graduate faculty status. If a recommendation is made to remove membership, the graduate faculty member in question may be granted a probationary period (which usually will be from one to two years).

Recommendations are forwarded to the dean for a final decision.

Meetings of the Graduate Faculty

All faculty members who hold graduate faculty status will meet at least once each semester. The associate graduate dean serves as an ex-officio member, represents the dean, and serves as chair of the graduate faculty.

Committees of the Joint PhD in Nursing Program

Committees of the PhD Program which is a joint program of Kent State CON and the University of Akron are described in the bylaws of the Joint PhD Faculty Council.