Section IV. Criteria, performance expectations and Department/School procedures relating to Faculty Excellence Awards

Faculty Excellence Awards

University procedures and timelines for determining Faculty Excellence Awards for any given year shall be conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost. Faculty Excellence Awards are based upon university guidelines and criteria and procedures established by the CON.

Faculty Excellence Awards are available as noted in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement. Procedures and timelines for review and recommendation for the awards are included in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and posted on the Faculty Affairs website of the Provost’s Office. The dean distributes all relevant material to all eligible faculty. Faculty members shall submit materials by the announced date for review. Faculty  shall document achievement of excellence in the performance of their role using the CON’s Faculty Excellence Awards submission form which includes activities eligible for an award (Appendix 4.A.). .


Procedure for Reviewing and Ranking Applications

Each tenured/tenure track Faculty member of CAC reviews each application and ranks from lowest to highest for the two categories of Teaching/Citizenship and Research. The rankings are collected by the dean and compiled to make a final determination of rank. The ranking is then used by the tenured/tenure track faculty members to recommend the percentage of funds available in each Faculty Excellence Award category to be awarded to each T/TT Faculty member. Faculty members do not participate in review of their own applications. The dean will provide summary statistics of these recommendations to all Faculty.


  1. Research

The CON values research that addresses the phenomena of concern to nursing. The CON will evaluate faculty excellence in research as demonstrated in the applicant’s file according to the quality of: Published scholarship; research presentations; research grants; research awards/honors and other examples as advanced by the candidate.

  1. Teaching and Citizenship

The CON values teaching as a conduit for transferring research and advancing the profession of nursing. In considering a faculty member’s teaching, the CON evaluates faculty excellence as demonstrated in the applicant’s file according to the quantity and quality of: Courses taught; involvement with dissertations/theses/honors theses/independent studies; teaching awards/honors; teaching grants; instructional innovations/teaching development activities/significant curricular revisions; published scholarship on teaching; presentations about teaching; academic advising of students; efforts in support of student recruitment and retention; and other teaching-related activities not mentioned above.

In considering citizenship, the CON evaluates faculty excellence as demonstrated in the applicant’s file according to the quantity and quality of: committee membership and leadership; professional involvement and public service; and other examples as advanced by the candidate.








When the AAUP/Kent State University Collective Bargaining Agreement has a provision for tenured/tenure track faculty to apply for a monetary faculty excellence award the following criteria are used to assess research, teaching and citizenship activities for the designated time frame.


Faculty Excellence Awards are given in two separate categories. Faculty can apply for an award in either or both categories:


  1. Research
  2. Teaching and Citizenship


Eligibility for Faculty Excellence Awards is limited to regular continuing tenured/tenure-track faculty members who submit appropriate documentation according to the attached guidelines. Applications are reviewed by tenured/tenure track faculty serving on the CAC.




  1. Complete this merit form in the spaces provided. Submit ONLY the portion of the form on which you have your application; delete unused parts of the form. Add rows to each area as needed.
  2. Provide information only on activities that demonstrate excellence in the performance of your role.
  3. Leave “Review” column blank for reviewer.
  4. Submit a current CV with this merit form, without additional materials. Should additional information be required, you will be contacted.
    1. Label the items listed on the merit form on the CV for ready cross-referencing.  

i e. number and highlight (in yellow) the activity on the CV.

  1. Insert the corresponding page and activity number on the merit form.
  2. For activities not listed on your CV, put complete information on the form.
  1. Use appropriate APA format for any citations (publications and presentations) provided on the form.
  2. The merit form is electronic, therefore you may extend the length of any given section by inserting additional rows, as needed.
  3. Delete sections for which you have no data or which are not applicable to the award you are seeking.



Please check the type of application you are submitting:


Teaching and Citizenship




I attest to the completeness and accuracy of this file.

Print Applicant Name

Date of Submission


Applicant Signature (or digital signature)





PART A: Research


Complete the table below, entering the number of items for each category and the page# / Item# on your curriculum vitae. Highlight in yellow the item on your CV.


Indicate the number of activities in each category and, as relevant, if activity is local, regional/state, national, or international. (NOTE: Designation of local, regional, etc. is according to the organization’s scope and status and not the locale where the conference is held.)



# of items

Page(s) in your vita where item is found

Reviewer Comments







Book chapters:





Peer reviewed articles:










Editorial Board position (not reviewer):

Manuscript reviewer:





Internal KSU grants; indicate submissions and number funded or unfunded and if the former, the amount:





External grants; indicate submissions and number funded or unfunded and if the former, the amount:





Other scholarly activities that you believe are meritorious (describe):







PART B: Teaching and Citizenship



Page(s) in  your vita where item is found

Reviewer Comments



Guest lecture (outside of your teaching assignments) on area of expertise, at KSU or other universities (or equivalent).


University or location:

Lecture Title:






Faculty preceptor (Graduate Education Students)


Student Name:

Course # and name:





Peer Review of Teaching


Describe the peer review that was conducted (e.g., faculty member reviewed, purpose and outcome of review)





University Teaching Award (or equivalent):


Mark one:       Nominee     Recipient 


Name of Award:





New course development or significant course enhancement for which you did not receive workload or release time:


Course # and name:





Special student activities





UG Honors Student for which you did not receive workload or release time.


Nursing course:

Student Name:                                      Course#

Semester & Year:




UG Honors Thesis: Circle one:  


Committee member


Student Name:                                                    

Sem. completed:

Thesis Title:





Graduate Independent Study Students:


Student Name:

Sem. Completed:

Study Title:




Graduate Thesis

Mark one:

Chair                Committee member


Student Name:                                        

Sem. completed:

Thesis Title:





Dissertation or DNP Project


Mark one:

Chair          Committee member

Student Name:

Sem. Defended:

Dissertation/Project Title:





Teaching-Related Publications or Presentations

(refer to items from CV):






Other Teaching Activities Not Considered Above (e.g. other creative teaching activities):


Describe activity/dates:





College of Nursing Training Grants (or



Grant – Mark one:

New                Renewal








Service to the College, University or Profession – Committee/Task Force,

Student Advising, etc.:


List each committee served, role and contribution





Student Support Activities not identified above (e.g. Recruitment, Minority Student

Adv. Panel, etc.) (Describe):






Citizenship-related publications, presentations, or equivalent:





Development & Presentation of CEU

Offering (or equivalent):


Date:               Organization:

Title of Presentation:





Consultation provided:





Award and Recognition


Name of Award:







Other citizenship-related activities not mentioned above that you believe are meritorious. Describe: