Student Academic Complaint Committee


At the beginning of each academic year, the College Advisory Committee (CAC) shall appoint a student academic complaint committee consisting of faculty members and students as follows:

  1. Faculty Members:

Four full-time faculty members will be nominated by the CAC. It is desirable that the majority be tenured. The faculty committee members will elect one of its members to serve as chairperson.

  1. Student Members:

The chairperson shall solicit a minimum of two nominations for undergraduate student members from the Students for Professional Nursing (SPN) president. If two SPN members are unavailable to serve, other nominees will be recruited in consultation with the assistant dean, undergraduate programs. The chairperson shall solicit a minimum of two graduate student nominations from the associate dean, graduate programs. Nominees must be students in the nursing major in good standing. Names of nominees shall be forwarded to the chairperson on or before September fifteenth of each year. In the event no nominations are received, the chairperson shall solicit nominations of one to two undergraduate and one to two graduate students, who are nursing majors in good standing, to serve.

Student nominations will be approved by the CAC. Students will serve on the complaint committee according to the program represented in the complaint, i.e., an undergraduate student for undergraduate courses and a graduate student for graduate courses. More than one student member from each program is desirable so that students can alternate service to accommodate scheduling.


  1. Adhere to published guidelines and timelines in considering and making recommendations to the CON academic officer regarding the student complaint as outlined in the University Policy Register 3342-4-02.3, Administrative Policy and Procedure for Student Academic Complaints. For undergraduate complaints the recommendation is made to the assistant dean, undergraduate programs; for graduate complaints is made to the associate dean, graduate programs.
  2. Consult with student ombuds regarding academic policies and procedures regarding conduct of complaint processes.
  3. Review and make recommendations to CAC and the dean, associate dean graduate, and assistant dean undergraduate regarding academic policies and student handbook statements related to academic complaints.
  4. Receive from the designated academic officer of the CON formal academic complaints from students regarding faculty members in the CON.


The Committee shall meet at the beginning of the academic year to elect a chair and student members. Further meetings shall be held as deemed necessary to fulfill functions and timelines for considering complaints as outlined in the University Policy Register.