Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

The Graduate Studies Committee is chaired by the Graduate Studies Coordinator. The voting members of the committee shall consist of at least three tenure-track or tenured faculty with Graduate Faculty status nominated by the Graduate Coordinator, and are subject to approval by the Department Chair in consultation with the FAC. Under normal circumstances no faculty, other than the Department Chair, should serve on both the Curriculum and Graduate Studies committees. All members are appointed for a one-year term; the size of the committee is not fixed.

Non-voting members include one graduate student appointee, and may also include the Graduate secretary or other staff member with responsibilities for graduate affairs. The Curriculum Coordinator is not an ex-officio member of the Graduate Studies committee but is invited to attend while curriculum issues are being discussed.

Student members will absent themselves during discussions that pertain to specific students. Student and staff members may also be excluded for particular issues by a vote of the committee.

Only the voting members of the committee and the Graduate Coordinator will participate in the ranking of students for admission or support or the annual review of graduate students.

The mission of the Graduate Studies Committee, in consultation with the Graduate Faculty, is to oversee the graduate programs of the Department. The responsibilities of the Graduate Studies Committee are specified in the Department Operating Procedures.

Recommendations of the Graduate Studies Committee for major changes in graduate curriculum, degree requirements, or other policies must be approved by the Graduate Faculty prior to being forwarded to the Department Chair, whose recommendations go to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.