Intermediate Performance Reviews

The Department will conduct intermediate performance reviews of all full-time NTT faculty in those years in which a full performance review is not required by the NTT CBA. The review period will be the calendar year prior to the review date, or the time since the initial appointment if that is shorter.

The NTT faculty member should submit the following materials by the first day of the Spring semester for this review:

  • A self-evaluation providing an assessment of the candidate's teaching during the period under review, as well as the candidate's performance of other responsibilities, if any;
  • An up-to-date curriculum vita;
  • The Evaluation Summaries of Student Evaluations of Instruction (SE1) - Student Surveys of Instruction (SSI) for all courses taught during the period under review.

At his / her discretion, the NTT faculty may include other materials, such as peer reviews, which document his / her contributions, during the period under review.