Recruiting Faculty

The Department supports the goals of equal opportunity and affirmative action in recruiting and in making appointments to the faculty. Search Committees are appointed by the Chair after consultation with the FAC and faculty members in the specific area or discipline. Both the Search Committee Chair and members must be approved by FAC.

The duty of the Search Committee will be to prepare the position advertisement and submit it for FAC approval, and to review the applications for the position and produce a short list for phone and / or on site interview. Following the onsite interview the Search Committee will solicit comments and ranking from the tenured and tenure-track faculty and using this and other available information produces a ranking of the candidates. The ranking will be submitted to the Hiring Committee, which will consist of all members of the FAC. The Hiring Committee will make a final determination of the ranking and make a final recommendation to the Department Chair.

Committee recommendations are advisory to the Chair, who then makes a recommendation to the Dean. If the Dean concurs with the Chair, a recommendation is forwarded to the Office of the Provost. If the Chair's recommendation is different than that of the Hiring Committee, the Chair shall inform the Dean of all recommendations and the reasons for the disagreement.