System Committee

The Systems Committee is chaired by the Computer Systems Coordinator. The faculty members on the Systems Committee are nominated by the Computer Systems Coordinator, and are subject to approval by the Chair of the Computer Science Department in consultation with the FAC. All members are appointed for a one-year term; the size of the committee is not fixed.

The full-time members of the Systems Staff serve as non-voting members of the committee.

The mission of the Systems Committee, in consultation with the faculty and the System Staff, is to evolve short, medium and, in particular, long-term, plans for computing services within the Department, and to make recommendations for improving the quality of the Departmental computing environment. The responsibilities of the Systems Committee are specified in the Department Operating Procedures.

Recommendations of the Systems Committee for major changes in Departmental systems or related policies must be approved by the FAC prior to being forwarded to the Departmental Chair.