Third-Year Full Performance Review

The NTT CBA provides that bargaining unit members who have received appointments for three consecutive academic years shall be subject to a full performance review during the third year of appointment before a fourth annual appointment can be anticipated or authorized. These materials should be submitted by the deadline specified in the procedures and timelines established by the University, as annually distributed through the Office of Faculty Affairs. This deadline is normally in the latter half of January.

In accordance with recommendations in the CBA, the following guidelines are provided to assist NTT faculty in the Department of Computer Science in the preparation of the documentation to be submitted for the Three-Year Review.

Normally, the Three-Year Review file will include the following suggested items:

  • A self-evaluation providing an assessment of the candidate's teaching during the period under review, as well as the candidate's performance of other responsibilities, if any;
  • An up-to-date curriculum vita;
  • The syllabi for courses taught during the period under review;
  • The Evaluation Summaries of Student Evaluations of Instruction (SE1) - Student Surveys of Instruction (SSI) for all courses taught during the period under review.
  • Peer reviews of instruction during the review period by at least three faculty, one of which should be a tenured or tenure-track faculty

At his / her discretion, the NTT faculty may include other materials, such as peer reviews, which document his / her contributions during the period under review.

The Department Chair or academic unit's review committee may modify documentation requirements as established by the academic unit. Therefore, NTT faculty are encouraged to contact the Department chair in advance of submission of materials in order to ascertain any modifications or clarifications of the guidelines above.