Accounting Advisory Council

An Accounting Advisory Council constituted of accountants from public accounting, industry business enterprises, governmental organizations, and not-for-profit organizations will be maintained to advise the Department Chairperson and faculty on policy matters, programs, alumni relations, and such other matters as deemed appropriate. Normally members of the Council should be at the partner level in public accounting or controller or other comparable levels in other organizations.

The Accounting Advisory Council may be divided into subcommittees to operate more efficiently and effectively. Subcommittees would provide advice on specific areas, e.g., curriculum and degree programs, external and outreach programs, fund-raising, etc. Subcommittees normally would meet at least once per year to discuss relevant business and/or plan for activities for the next year.

Two full council meetings will normally be held, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The Department Chairperson will make arrangements for the meetings and schedule additional meetings as needed. Department faculty are invited to submit agenda items for the meetings and to attend and participate in the meetings.