Annual Workload Summary Report

In accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each faculty member shall submit an annual workload summary report for the previous academic year by September 15.  Article IX, Section 2D of the Collective Bargaining Agreement describes the report as follows:

This report is to identify and update the faculty member’s efforts, accomplishments, scholarly contributions, ongoing professional activities, service and interests during that academic year. These reports will become an ongoing record of each Faculty member’s professional activities providing information related to grant activities, collaborative scholarship and teaching activities.

The annual workload summary report submitted by the Faculty member shall be in the form of an annual updated curriculum vitae and the course syllabi for each course or section of course taught by the Faculty member during that academic year. The chair shall add to the report copies of the summaries of course evaluations for each course section taught during the academic year.

The purpose of this report is to document the workload, including utilization of the specified workload equivalencies, for that academic year. Any other use of the report requires the consent of the Faculty member.

In addition to the annual workload summary report described above, each faculty member should submit a summary letter which includes the following at a minimum: 1) course preferences for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters, 2) service assignment preferences, and 3) a summary of scholarly activities for the five year period ending with and including the current semester. If a faculty member wishes to update his/her workload summary report he/she may do so by January 31.  Based on this information the chair will then prepare the workload statement for the following academic year for discussion at a March or April meeting of the FAC.