Curricular Policies and Procedures

  1. Curricula

    The Chairperson or any faculty member may propose curriculum changes or new programs for consideration by the Department Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UGC) and/or the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). The UGC or GSC, as appropriate, will forward its recommendations to the Department FAC. Proposals should include the nature of the change or new program, the rationale for the change or new program, and the effects on current curriculum and resources, and the need for any additional resources. A majority vote at a Department FAC meeting is necessary for approving a recommendation for any changes or new programs. Items approved by the Department FAC will be forwarded by the Chairperson through appropriate channels for approval and implementation.

    Curriculum and programs should be reviewed at least every five years.

  2. Course Development

    New courses normally will be developed by faculty who are interested in them and are to be assigned to teach them. Ideally, courses should be developed far enough in advance so that an effective course can be offered.

  3. Software and Reference Materials

    All software and reference materials to be purchased with Department funds for common use by the faculty or for use in courses must receive FAC and Chairperson approval if the amount exceeds $500. A written request with price information and justification must be submitted for approval.

  4. Accounting Internship Program

    The Accounting internship program is intended to provide students majoring in accounting at the bachelor's or master's degree levels with practical experience in public accounting, business enterprises, government or not-for-profit organizations which will make their accounting coursework more relevant, indicate how their accounting education relates to accounting practice, and give them an idea of what to expect in a future work environment. The internship experience can be obtained in the junior or senior year of the four-year program or at the senior or graduate levels as an integral part of the five-year accounting program.

    The internship coordinator will be appointed by the Department Chairperson and will serve as the instructor of record for internship courses. Procedures, eligibility requirements, grading and other internship matters are maintained in the Department Office.

    Changes in accounting internship procedures, eligibility requirements, grading policy and other matters will be made through appropriate curricular processes. The approved changes to the accounting internship program will become part of this Handbook without further vote.