Department of Accounting Faculty

The Department of Accounting Faculty is composed of all tenured and tenure track faculty. Full-time term faculty are ex-officio (nonvoting) members of the Department of Accounting Faculty. Meetings will be convened, as needed, by the Department Chairperson, normally with at least one week's notice of the meeting and the agenda. At least one meeting will be held each Fall and Spring Semester. Meetings also may be convened at the request of one-third of the tenured and tenure-track faculty. A simple majority of the tenured and tenure-track faculty not on leave, including the Department Chairperson, constitutes a quorum for Department meetings. A simple majority vote is required to approve all Department actions and motions unless otherwise stipulated in this Handbook.

The Department of Accounting chairperson serves as chair of the meetings and is responsible for preparing the minutes. The approved minutes of these meetings are to be distributed to Department faculty and the Dean of the College of Business Administration (CBA)/ Graduate School of Management (GSM).