General Guidelines

A.    Faculty excellence (merit) awards in (1) Teaching, (2) Service and/or (3) Research and/or Creative Activity areas normally require meritorious performance in the respective area(s) for which Faculty Excellence Award consideration is being requested. It is the faculty member's responsibility to develop an adequate file to provide evidence of meritorious performance in either or both areas.

B.    For Teaching, (2) Service and/or Research and/or Creative Activity Awards, activities prior to starting at KSU will not qualify; also, all publications must include KSU as an affiliation to qualify.

C.    Procedures and guidelines will be the same from year to year unless the University makes changes or the FAC and accounting faculty propose changes which are subsequently approved. Preferably all changes should be made at the beginning of the merit time-period.

D.    Files submitted after the University's established submission date will not be reviewed for merit pay.

E.    The time-period covered by a merit review is established in the University guidelines for a particular faculty excellence award.

F.     The allocation of funds across the three areas will be 50 percent for research, 30 percent for Teaching, and 20 percent for Service.