Library Acquisitions

Faculty member(s) should actively assist in keeping both the Department and the main libraries updated. Any current publication(s) considered supportive of research and/or teaching in accounting and/or the related fields may be requested by individual faculty, using one of the two following acquisition procedures:

  1. The faculty may complete the request form(s) and turn it (them) in to either the Department library representative faculty member or the Department Chairperson.
  2. The faculty may provide the information [author(s), title, publisher, date of publication, and number of copies needed] to either the Department library representative or Chairperson for order processing

Since the allocated funds for the Department are usually limited, not all requests may be filled. The priority of filling any request(s) is based upon its (their) level(s) of significance in research and/or teaching. The faculty should attach a memo justifying his/her request(s) to facilitate the priority determination.