Non-tenure Track Ranks

Non-tenure-track ranks are Lecturer, Associate Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor.  The academic ranks of Lecturer, Associate Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer are reserved for non-tenure-track faculty members who hold an MBA or Master's Degree in accounting with CPA, CMA, or other appropriate certification granted based, at least partially, on an examination. The academic ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor are reserved for those non-tenure-track faculty members who have earned a doctoral degree and whose professional experience and demonstrated performance warrant these ranks.

Non-tenure-track appointments are made in one of four tracks: instructional, clinical, practitioner, and research.  The Department Chair will indicate in the Offer of Appointment to which track the non-tenure-track faculty member belongs per Article IX, Section 2, of the Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty's Collective Bargaining Agreement.