Office Space and Equipment

Faculty office space will be allocated by the Chairperson giving consideration to faculty preferences whenever feasible. Given resources available to the Department, faculty will be assigned individual offices which are adequately equipped. Requests for additional office space and/or equipment should be submitted to the Chairperson along with reasons for the need.

The office assigned as the Department equipment room is to be used only by faculty and assistants authorized by the chairperson. If possible, office space separate from the equipment room will be assigned as work stations for student workers and graduate assistants.

Departmental equipment is equipment purchased for use by all departmental personnel for temporary uses such as teaching a class or making a paper presentation.  As such it should be checked out with the departmental secretary or chair by the individual using the equipment and returned immediately after its use, normally within a period of a few hours.

Any equipment repair requests should be submitted to the Department secretary who will make necessary arrangements for service calls. The secretary should obtain advance estimates of repair costs whenever possible and obtain the Chairperson's approval before arranging for service calls not covered by a service contract.