Promotion is viewed as recognition of a Faculty member having contributed sustained and distinguished service to the University, College, Campus and the Department.

Recommendations for promotion shall be based upon two major classes of criteria.  The first, “academic credentials and university experience,” describes the normal minimums of credentials and time-in-rank necessary for promotion consideration.  The Department follows the academic credentials and university experience requirements that are in the Policy Register.  The second, “academic performance and service,” refers to the record of actual performance and the accomplishments by the Faculty member in academic and service areas.  The mutually supportive, complementary, and often overlapping areas that need to be considered include research that advances knowledge in accounting and/or related disciplines; the act of teaching as well as the planning and examination of pedagogical procedures; and service activities not necessarily tied to one’s special field of knowledge which make significant positive contributions to the advancement of the educational, scholarly and governance goals and missions of the University, College, Campus, Department, and profession. 

For purposes of promotion the Department places importance on both research and teaching.  In addition, the quality, as well as the quantity, of one’s scholarship is an important consideration for promotion.  While service receives substantially less weight than research and teaching, it is expected that all Faculty contribute positively in this area.  The service component includes the general value of the Faculty member to the Department; all Faculty are expected to positively contribute to the functioning of the Department.  These criteria are explained in greater detail in sections i and ii below.

  1. Criteria for Promotion to Associate Professor

    The Department follows the Promotion procedures as outlined in the University Policy Register and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  To be recommended for Promotion to Associate Professor, candidates must meet the criteria for tenure outlined in section III.1.B.

  2. Criteria for Promotion to Professor

    To be recommended for Promotion to Professor, the Department requires that a candidate shows a balanced portfolio of excellence across the three areas of research, teaching, and service.Only performance since the Faculty member’s promotion to Associate Professor will be considered when evaluating promotion to Professor.

    For promotion to Professor, an excellent record in research would typically be a portfolio consisting of a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles that are generally ranked as A.  A portfolio that includes a higher quantity of peer-reviewed articles generally ranked as A or B journals or a lower quantity of articles generally ranked as A+ or A journals may also meet the criteria for excellence in research.