Recruiting Faculty

This section covers recruitment and appointment of full-time tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure-track faculty. These Department policies and procedures also apply to any external search for an Assistant Chairperson or Administrative Assistant.

When a full-time faculty position becomes available, the Department Chairperson will obtain University authorization, if not already provided, to recruit to fill the position. The FAC will be consulted in advance regarding the rank and salary range for the position as well as qualifications and area of emphasis unless these have already been established by the University.

A recruiting committee consisting of at least three tenured or tenure-track faculty will be appointed by the Department Chairperson after consultation with the FAC. The recruiting committee, along with the Department Chairperson, will conduct the search. The committee normally will recommend two or more individuals for each position to the FAC. The FAC will recommend one or more individuals to the Department Chairperson.

The Department Chairperson will consult with the FAC on the individual to be recommended to the Dean to be hired for a position. The FAC shall be consulted if either the salary and/or rank differs from the original authorization before recommending an individual to the Dean. Also, the tenured full professors must be consulted in any hiring situation where an offer is to be made to someone at the rank of professor with tenure.

In unusual circumstances when a full-time position becomes available and must be filled before the FAC can be consulted, the Department Chairperson may offer a non-tenure-track appointment for one semester (Fall or Spring) or for two semesters (Fall and Spring). Reappointment after this initial one or two semester appointment can be made only after consultation with the FAC.