Role and Responsibility of the Faculty

Each faculty member is expected to conduct himself/herself in a professional and ethical manner and generally contribute to the Department's well-being and goals and objectives.

  1. Contribution of Faculty

    Faculty members contribute to the Department's well being and objectives through their teaching activities, research and scholarly activities, and service activities. Service activities include (a) departmental, college, and University activities, (b) professional interaction activities, and (c) interactions with the academic community. University Policy on Faculty Teaching Performance (see Appendix 2) is considered an integral part of this Handbook.

  2. Conflict of Interest

    University employment forbids any employee from placing themselves in a position in which private interest conflicts with public duty and precludes the employee's gaining special favors from university employees or acquiring personal advantage, pecuniary or otherwise, therefrom or from others who do business with the University. University resources may not be used for personal business matters without prior written approval nor may University contracts of positions be used for private or personal gain (University Policy Register 3342-6-23)