Student and Secretarial Services

Faculty may submit course syllabi, test, quizzes, manuscripts, etc., to the Department secretary for typing and copying with sufficient lead time to assure that the work can be completed on time. There is no guarantee that work submitted less than one week in advance will be ready on the date requested.

Graduate research assistant requests should be submitted to the Chairperson when requested prior to each semester. The Chairperson will assign the assistants. Requests for student workers should be submitted to the Chairperson prior to the beginning of each term, if possible, or as soon as possible thereafter. Requests should indicate the type of work to be performed, the number of hours per week, and any special qualifications. Whenever possible, student help of 5-10 hours per week will be provided to faculty who make requests. The Chairperson will attempt to hire sufficient qualified student workers to satisfy faculty requests.