Students, both undergraduate and graduate, are a primary concern to all faculty.  Students' academic needs are of primary importance to the Department.

  1. Advising

    Undergraduate level student advising is provided by the Undergraduate Programs Office for the CBA and the departmental undergraduate coordinator. Student advising at the graduate level is provided by the Graduate School of Management and faculty members assigned by the Chairperson as program coordinators/advisors.

  2. Student Academic Misconduct

    The University’s Administrative policy regarding student cheating and plagiarism is included in the University Policy Register (See University Policy Register 3342-3-01.8).

  3. Student Responsibilities

    The instructor shall remind the student that he/she is accountable for the material covered in a course, regardless of his/her attendance record or of the validity of the reasons for absence. Instructors are not obligated to give make-up examinations nor to provide extra help for work missed due to unexcused absences.

  4. Course Organization and Grades

    The instructor should provide students at the first class meeting of each course with a syllabus of the course, including the number and dates of examinations, reading assignments, and such other requirements set by the instructor. The student should be referred to the current catalog for the meaning of grades. Penalties for cheating and plagiarism should be included in the course syllabus and announced at the first class meeting (University Policy Register 3342-3-01.8).

  5. Scholarships/Awards

    Student scholarship and awards in accounting are administered by the Department. The eligibility requirements, amounts of awards, and the application form currently in use are available from the Department. Most awards are announced at the Spring Beta Alpha Psi/Accounting Association Banquet.

  6. Teaching Fellows and Graduate Assistants

    Teaching fellows enrolled in the PhD program with an accounting major will be assigned to various duties equivalent to a 20 hour per week workload. A teaching fellow will be assigned to teach not more than six credit hours of accounting courses per semester. Graduate assistants will be assigned a variety of duties equivalent to the hour workload specified in the appointment letter.

  7. Student Organizations

    The Department sponsors a chapter of Beta Alpha Psi and a student accounting organization known as the Accounting Association. There is also a student chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).  Student chapters of professional organizations may be formed with Department sponsorship it there is sufficient student interest.