Summer Teaching Assignments

The Chairperson will distribute proposed summer offerings prior to the time of scheduling of courses by the University so that faculty preferences concerning Summer Session teaching for the following summer may be incorporated into the Summer Session teaching prior to any such schedule being forwarded to the College or University. The goal of the Department is the equivalent of full-time employment (6 semester hours) during the summer through teaching, research, and/or relevant business experience. The chairperson will prepare a preliminary schedule based on faculty preferences and competencies given program needs and resources available. Faculty may propose desired changes in the preliminary schedule to the Chairperson. After considering proposed changes, the chairperson will prepare the final schedule for the summer sessions and announce research stipends. This schedule will be subject to changes necessitated by student demand for courses and late staffing changes. The Chairperson will discuss any changes in the final schedule with the affected faculty. Faculty who resign for the following academic year normally will be eligible for summer school teaching assignments. New faculty for the next academic year will be given summer school assignments only if all other faculty interests can be satisfied. ABD faculty are not to be given summer teaching assignments. Any research or special grants provided in their contracts, however, will be provided to enable them to complete their degrees.