Workload Equivalents for Scholarship Activities

Scholarship activities are defined, for purposes of workload equivalency, to include the four categories of scholarship defined by Boyer [Ernest L. Boyer, Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities for the Professorate, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1990]: discovery, integration, application, and teaching.

  1. For the first two years, an untenured, tenure track faculty member will be granted twelve semester hours of workload equivalent for scholarship activities. Thereafter, an untenured, tenure track faculty member, not denied reappointment or tenure, will be granted a minimum of nine semester hours of workload equivalent for scholarship activities.
  2. A faculty member’s workload equivalent for scholarship activities will be determined based on the quantity and quality of publications during the preceding five years. Quantity and quality considerations require tradeoffs. Both the publication outlet and the individual publication will be considered in making these tradeoffs. A faculty member’s workload equivalent for scholarship activities may be from zero to fifteen semester hours. Workload equivalency for scholarship activities cannot be reduced more than three semester hours in any academic year from that granted in the immediately preceding academic year.
  3. A publication is a separate piece of scholarly work published in such a manner that it is available other than to students of an instructor’s class. A publication includes articles in academic journals, articles in practitioner journals, books, monographs, and cases and book reviews published in journals or books. For purposes of workload equivalency, a publication does not include reprints, abstracts, unpublished manuscripts or working papers, or citations of a faculty member’s scholarly work.
  4. Publication by individual faculty can be in a variety of journals, including journals geared primarily toward academic audiences and journals geared primarily toward practitioner audiences, and other publication outlets. The emphasis a faculty member places on each of Boyer’s scholarship categories depends on interests, strengths, and stipulations communicated upon being hired. These stipulations may change by mutual agreement among the faculty member, the Department Chairperson, and the Dean of the College of Business Administration. The Department Chairperson will consult with the Department FAC concerning proposed changes in stipulations.