Workload Equivalents for Service Activities

Normal service activities include Department assignments, College and University assignments, and/or assignments external to the University. Faculty members who provide above-normal service activities receive workload equivalent credit (in addition to the workload equivalent credit granted for scholarship activities). The workload equivalents for Department and College of Business Administration/Graduate School of Management administrative assignments are:

  1. Three hours of workload equivalency:
    1. Coordinator of Introductory Financial Accounting
    2. Coordinator of Introductory Managerial Accounting
    3. M.S. in Accounting Coordinator
    4. Ph.D. Coordinator
  2. Six hours of workload equivalency:
    1. Advisor to Student Organizations

Faculty members who provide other Department, College, or University service and/or accounting academic or professional service external to the University that they believe is above normal, when their total service commitment is considered, may request the Department Chairperson for a specific workload equivalent of one or more credit hours for total service. Normally a request for workload equivalency for total service should be made before faculty workloads for Fall or Spring semesters are determined.