Criteria for Merit Evaluation

(1)    Teaching
         i.    Effective performance of teaching duties
               (a)    Outstanding student evaluations
               (b)    Outstanding peer reviews and comments.
        ii.    Meritorious recognized teaching performance
               (a)    Teaching awards
               (b)    Extramural funds for teaching improvement
               (c)    Publishing in a pedagogical journal
               (d)    Publishing texts, lab manuals, etc.
        iii.    Special teaching efforts
               (a)    Professional Development (teaching workshops, courses, etc.)
               (b)    Grant applications
               (c)    Initiation of new courses (approved to meet demonstrated needs for program improvement)
               (d)    directed individual investigations and honors theses
               (e)    Documented or verifiable unusual efforts in coordination of laboratories, seminars, etc.
               (f)    Other
(2)    Advising and Department, College and University service
         i.        Undergraduate Advising
               (a)    Large numbers of student advisees
               (b)    Large numbers of student recommendations
               (c)    Special efforts
         ii.    Department, College and University Service
               (a)    Exceptional involvement, contributions or efforts in committees and administrative duties (department, college, university)
                        a.    Committees chaired
                        b.    Time consuming committees
                        c.    Numerous committees
         iii.    Service not associated with workload, committee membership, etc.
               (a)    Departmental
                        a.    Participation in recruitment and retention events
                        b.    Organization and running of events for students
                        c.    Advising student organizations
               (b)    Collegial and university
                        a.    Active role in college and university events (e.g., poster judge, interviewer, etc.)
         iv.    Other 
(3)    Research
         i.    Grants obtained (and high number of grant applications)
         ii.    Publications
               (a)    Refereed books, monographs, chapters, review articles, etc.
               (b)    Refereed journal publications
               (c)    Large number of non-refereed publications
         iii.    Presentations, particularly those invited or presented at prestigious professional meetings or institutes
         iv.    Advisor of graduate students completing advanced degrees
         v.    Professional Engagement
               (a)    Significant activities with professional organizations 
               (b)    efforts in reviewing grants and manuscripts
               (c)    grant panels
               (d)    Positions, committee membership, or similar activities within scientific societies
               (e)    editorial positions at journals
         vi.    Other