The Faculty Advisory Committee

The FAC is structured and operates according to the mandates of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The FAC is elected directly by the entire regular full time faculty of the Department; the committee consists of seven members with the following distribution:

  1. Elected from and by the Kent Campus faculty members: five representatives, at least three of whom must be tenured and at least one of whom is a full professor.
  2. Elected from and by the faculty serving on the Regional Campuses: two representatives, at least one of whom must be tenured.

These terms are for one year.  The elections are conducted in the Spring Semester and the members assume office at the beginning of the Fall term.

The FAC is convened and chaired at least once per term by the Department Chairperson who sets the agenda for the committee’s meetings.  Additional meetings of the FAC may be called by the Chairperson as necessary or upon the written request of one-fourth of the Department faculty members.  Agenda items may be requested by any member of the FAC.  The FAC elects one member, who must be tenured, to act as a representative on the College Advisory Committee.