Full Membership

  1. Membership Criteria

    Eligibility to direct dissertations shall be limited to those Graduate Faculty Members who have demonstrated a strong record of current scholarly research activity.  Full Graduate Faculty Membership is granted with the approval of the Graduate Faculty Committee to direct dissertation, the Chairperson of the Department and the Dean.

  2. Membership Duties and Privileges
    1. Faculty members who meet the criteria described above and who meet most but not all of the criteria for the direction of dissertations may be approved to direct master's theses, serve on doctoral committees, co-direct doctoral dissertations, and serve on College and University graduate faculty committees.  An F3 advisor of a doctoral student must have an F4 co-advisor. The F4 co-advisor should participate fully in the professional development and progress of the doctoral student (F-3).
    2. Eligibility to direct dissertations is limited to those Graduate Faculty members who have a record of strong scholarship.  At least five publications in peer-reviewed journals or peer-reviewed books and funding of an extramural grant proposal (or submission of at least three extramural grant proposals) of sufficient magnitude to support doctoral student research are typically expected in the review period*.  Significant participation in the graduate program, as evidenced by activities such as teaching at the graduate level, direction of graduate students, co-authoring peer-reviewed articles with graduate students, or service on academic committees, is also required (F-4).